Excav811 offers a streamlined dig ticket management system designed to amplify safety culture and communication around protection of existing utilities, and simplify compliance practices. The system is intuitively structured to facilitate the efficient tracking and management of dig tickets from initiation to completion, and beyond.

With Excav811, each new unique dig ticket created will be integrated with the local one call center for imediate tracking and reference. The platform's user-friendly interface allows for quick ticket updates and reference to Electronic Positive Response (EPR) as provided by utility operators, keeping all stakeholders informed in real-time. Advanced filtering options enable users to sort and prioritize tickets based on various criteria such as member response code, impending expiration, and job site location. Additionally, the system features robust reporting capabilities, generating detailed reports and analytics that help in assessing performance and identifying trends.

Moreover, Excav811 integrates seamlessly with existing GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and mapping tools, providing a comprehensive visual representation of all dig sites. This integration not only enhances situational awareness but also aids in the prevention of potential conflicts or hazards.

Excav811 is the tool that streamlines the excavation process, promotes safety, and increases operational efficiency.