The origin of Excav811 dates back to 2019 working with one of the largest underground utility contractors in Northern California.

Implementation of technology tools to improve efficiency was already an established initiative in the company. Any process that required duplicate entry and/or repetitive handling would be earmarked for change. If the process in question had an element of safety, it was prioritized to the top of the list.

Dig tickets, not just a legal requirement for anyone who breaks ground, are for public safety, the safety of the people digging, and the protection of the existing utilities. Creating and managing dig tickets (aka "USA Tickets") for over 200 active projects each month had easily been identified as the process with the most to gain.

Excav811 is a solution deeply rooted in authentic industry experience and excavation law expertise. We are confident that this product will serve you in the basics of ticket creation and management, and will be a tool to protect you, your team, or your company from costly mistakes.

Let’s dig in and uncover what Excav811 can do for you… safely!