Member Response Monitoring by Excav811 offers a substantial benefit to anyone performing an operation with digging, drilling, excavating, sawcutting, etc. With your dig tickets linked with the local One Call Center, Excav811 streamlines the communication process to enable ticket holders to receive real-time updates and responses from utility companies and other stakeholders regarding dig requests.

With Excav811, contractors can efficiently plan and adjust their excavation schedules based on the electronic responses received from the utility members for each dig ticket. The real-time information reduces downtime and prevents delays, as contractors are informed promptly about the readiness or potential obstacles at the dig site and can proactively address utility company needs ahead of work schedules. Moreover, contractors are able to stay in compliance with local and federal safety regulations, as they can ensure that all necessary clearances and precautions are in place before starting the excavation.

Overall, with the enhanced communication feature of Member Response Monitoring from Excav811, contractors will be in the driver's seat to facilitate smoother and safer excavation projects.